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Live Horse Racing 8 Minutes Away!

Come and Stay with Us!  We are only minutes away from all of Evanstons great Attractions!!

    Wyoming Downs

Every Saturday and Sunday - July


LARGE_Wyoming_Downs_logo_new_2008_03_17[1] wyomingdowns[1]

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"$297K on the line over closing weekend at Wyoming Downs." . The Racing Journal, 17 July 2009.  Web. 25 June 2014. <>.

Evanston Rodeo Series

     Every other weekend Friday and Saturday

Starting in June and going to mid September


Purple Sage Golf Course

     18 Holes and a Restaurant


Sulfur Creek Reservoir 



Uinta Mountains

     Hiking, Fishing, Mirror Lake Scenic Byway


Bear River Greenway

     Fishing, Biking, Walking Trails, Exercise Stations,      Paddle Boat Rentals


Demolition Derby 



Evanston Cowboy Days     

    Labor Day Weekend

Uinta County Fair

     End of July - Various Activities Change Yearly


Bear River Mountain Man Rendezvous


Family Owned and

Operated Since 1936