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Public Health Safety Notice - Due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, we are providing curbside check ins at the office door where all necessary information is posted.  All ammenities are now open and available (restrooms/showers, laundry, WIFI, CTV, full hook-ups).

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run a business with only your family? How about running a family business for 80 years together? The Phillips family has owned, managed and operated Phillips RV Park by themselves for just that, 80 years.  Over those 80 years, Phillips RV Park has physically changed; but the family's desire to stick together and create a lasting impression on their customers has not.

1936 - Phillips Camp and Sinclair Service was established in Evanston Wyoming by Bona Elbert and Maggie Phillips. That winter, Bona Elbert Phillips passed away, leaving Maggie Phillips with five kids to raise and a business to run.

At this time, gas cost 19 cents per gallon, and ethyl cost 21 cents per gallon. Besides offering gas services, there were seven trailer spaces, tent camping and 11 cabins with adjacent open garages available to customers traveling the Lincoln Highway. Customers shared a community bath and shower house with running well water.

1945 - The gas station was removed and it was renamed Phillips Cabins. At this time, cabins rented for $1.25 per night or $1.50 with linens. The cabins were heated with coal stoves and because there was no running water, water had to be carried to the rooms. Trailer spaces rented for 25 cents per night.

1947 - The name was changed to Phillips Motel and Trailer Park, when six of the cabins were moved to the front of the property with the other five cabins and the garages, all of which were then turned into motel rooms making a total of 15. Electricity, heating and water were installed into the rooms and individual bathrooms were added, making them more modern.

1955 - Maggie Phillips’ son, Ranold Phillips, married Joyce Guild and became manager of the business; throughout the following years, their three daughters became involved with the business, until they graduated from high school. Also in the late ’50s is when colored TV’s were added to all the rooms and a laundry building was built with a ringer washer and one dryer. Later on 3 washers and a dryer was installed.

1968 - 28 full hook-up spaces were added. At this time the charge for a room with 1 bed was $4.50 per night and a room with 2 beds were $8 per night.  During the Oil Boom in the late ’70s and early ’80s, prices for a trailer space were raised to $8 per night and monthly/weekly rates were offered; and a small playground was added. Highway signs

were installed on both ends of town.

1982 - The present day restroom/shower/laundry building was built.

1985 - The motel rooms were torn down and the name changed to Phillips RV Park. Seventeen additional full hook-up spaces were then added. During the late ’80s, the old laundry room was turned into an Internet room for customers.

1990's - Underground sprinklers were installed to replace above ground irrigation pipe for watering large areas of the lawn and the park office was enlarged and re-modeled.

Early 2000’s - cable TV, wireless Internet and a new playground was installed. Over the course of eight years more than 300 cottonwood trees were cut down due to old age and disease. New trees were planted.

2016 - Celebrated our 80th Anniversary.



Phillips History

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From 1936 to present the Phillips family has worked together. Every year the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th generation Phillips family members strive to improve and maintain Phillips RV Park, as well as welcome every customer. Over the years, Phillips RV Park has seen many changes since it first opened its doors; what will the future hold for this family legacy?..