Joyce -- 2nd Generation

I was born on a ranch in Piedmont, Wyoming. I was raised with four other siblings, two brothers and two sisters. I attended a one-room school located three miles from the ranch. I attended high school in Evanston, Wyoming about 30 miles from Piedmont. I was very active in school and graduated from Evanston High School in 1952. After graduation I attended The Radio Television Institute in Omaha, Nebraska. On July 16, 1955 I married Ranold Phillips, we owned and operated the Phillips Motel and Trailer Park in Evanston. In 1992 we finished tearing down the motel to build Phillips RV Park. We were blessed with three daughters and four grandchildren. We had sixty-three wonderful years together. Ran passed away in April 2018. After losing the love of my life I am still living in the same house we shared and am still helping in the RV Park. My favorite hobbies are reading and going for walks. I enjoy every part of the RV Park. If I had to choose, my favorite parts are being outside and talking with customers in the office.

Darla -- 3rd Generation

I have an A.A.S. in Forestry Technology. The logging industry hit an all time low at the time of graduation, making it difficult to find work. I came back to Evanston and asked my parents if I could take over running the family business. I have been manager since 1985. My hobbies include hunting, snowmobiling, hiking, camping (pretty much any outdoor activity) and reading a book by holding it in my hands! One of my earlier fond memories of our family business is when my sisters and I would race making the beds in the motel rooms. Later on I remember holding my sleeping children while mowing the lawns. My favorite part about our park is working along side my family every day and changing/improving our family business.

Courtney -- 4th Generation

I was born and raised in Evanston Wyoming and grew up at Phillips RV Park. At a young age I started helping out in the office and outside; and have continued doing so over the years. My favorite hobbies include reading and spending time outdoors. I have obtained an A.S. in Pre Veterinary Medicine and an A.A.S. in Veterinary Technology; and have passed my VTNE to become a Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT). This career choice has not diminished my desire to help out the family business; I help long distance by managing the parks social media and enjoy lending a hand whenever visiting home. Eventually I would like to return and raise a family. Some of my favorite aspects about working and growing up at Phillips RV Park are knowing how to work hard to succeed, working with my family, getting my hands dirty and knowing that I am a part of this family legacy.

Brian -- 4th Generation

I attended the University of Wyoming for 3 years working towards achieving a mechanical engineering degree. I was a member of the Western Thunder Marching Band playing the alto saxophone. I was a member of the rocket club where we built our 6' rocket from scratch. We launched it at the National Rocket Launch where its max altitude was 10,320'. I decided to take time off from college after my grandfathers passing to help my mom at the RV Park. I stepped right into the role of my grandpa being the Jack of all traits: the mechanic, electrician, plumber, landscaper and contractor. I had the best role model and teacher. Working at our families RV Park has been a great experience for me. One of my favorite memories is trimming all 300 trees, since I love climbing trees.

Phillips Family

2nd Generation (Green Shirts) - Joyce and Ran

3rd Generation (Blue Shirt) - Darla

4th Generation (Orange Shirts) - Courtney and Brian